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PND direct data entry

Creation and maintenance of organised crime group, modern slavery human trafficking and county lines trackers, as well as national markers, national associations and skeletal records.


This course enables users to:

  • prepare for the creation of PND records
  • create and associate appropriate PND records
  • manage directly entered PND records

Key topics

This course covers how to:

  • plan for the creation of directly entered records
  • create and manage organised crime group records
  • create and manage modern slavery human trafficking records
  • create and manage county lines records
  • create and manage national markers

Key details

Qualification eligibility

RV or NPPV2 vetting.


It is essential that learners: 

  • have successfully completed the basic PND search user course (three days) prior to attending this course
  • are confident in the use of some basic search functions, including pick list, match group and match group header records, consolidated view, network diagram explorer, scheduled search, OCG activity reports, view the OCG on a map

Anyone attending who cannot use the above functions may be asked to leave. A basic search refresher guidance pack is available via Knowledge Hub that could assist you prior to attending.  

Basic search user courses are often delivered locally by your organisation’s accredited PND trainers, however, the College can also deliver this course should this not be available in your organisation.

Practitioner group

Individuals who need to create and maintain organised crime group, modern slavery human trafficking and county lines trackers. 


One day.

Course contact
Additional information
  • This is an assessed course, meaning an 80% pass mark needs to be achieved in order to successfully complete the course.
  • The PND direct data entry course does not include content covered in other PND courses. Individuals who need to create and maintain flagstone records on the PND, are recommended to attend the PND flagstone direct entry course (one day) instead.  
  • This is a specialist course which can only be run by the College.  


Scheduled PND direct entry courses run at the College’s Ryton site periodically throughout the year. 

PND direct entry courses can also be delivered locally at an organisation’s own site, provided the venue meets the PND system’s technical requirements.

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