Airwave communications tactical advisor

Support operational and tactical commanders in the effective management of communications for pre-planned and spontaneous incidents. 

A high-level understanding of the provisions made for the operational use of mandated and mutual aid talk groups, together with the Airwave service requirements around major incident and event planning.

Upon completion, learners can take on responsibility for their operational and tactical planning teams and provide advice and best practice guidance on all aspects of the operational use of Airwave.


This course enables users to:

  • become qualified communications advisors, covering all aspects of emergency services’ operational communications
  • support the operational and/or tactical commander in the effective management of both pre-planned events and spontaneous incidents

Key topics

This course covers:

  • the role and responsibilities of an Airwave communications tactical advisor
  • the communications requirements for pre-planned and emergency situations
  • the importance of operational communications and their usage
  • the joint operating rules and working practices within your own organisation
  • national guidance and policies covering operational communications
  • the importance of interoperability and the different operational communications approach in other organisations
  • the operational and flexible use of Airwave
  • how to provide communications advice to incident commanders

Key details

Qualification eligibility
  • police, fire and ambulance services
  • responder services (such as Highways England and defence organisations)

It is advisable that learners:

  • are familiar with the JESIP Doctrine documents
  • have an awareness of how their organisation uses Airwave in a tactical and operational role
  • are familiar with Airwave handsets and vehicle sets (terminals)
  • are familiar with what control room equipment is used within their organisation
Practitioner group
  • individuals working in a control room environment where they may be called upon to give spontaneous advice
  • planning departments who will be involved in the pre-planning of events
  • other roles where spontaneous and pre-planned advice may be required 

Three days




Course contact

Additional information

The course is delivered by a multi-agency training team and delivered to a multi-agency audience to maximise the benefit for all learners.

This is an assessed course, meaning learners are required to complete a multiple-choice theory assessment as well as an assessed professional discussion with a trainer regarding the advice they would give in the event of a spontaneous event. 

For learners who require to undertake the role of covert airwave tactical advisor, contact:

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Airwave communications tactical advisor

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Airwave communications tactical advisor


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Airwave communications tactical advisor


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Airwave communications tactical advisor

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Airwave communications tactical advisor


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Airwave communications tactical advisor


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