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Joining as a special constable

How to become a special constable – a volunteer police officer with the same powers as a regular officer.

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Special constables are volunteer police officers, sometimes known as specials. They take part in frontline police work and have the same powers as regular officers.

In-force interview

You will be interviewed by a panel from the force you applied to.

The panel will ask you a series of questions based on the CVF. These may be followed by additional questions to further explore your initial answer. 

The panel may interrupt your answer to make sure they understand what you have said or to ask for more information. This is to help prompt you to present as much evidence as possible. 

The panel will take notes during the interview to capture all evidence.

Reasonable adjustments and accommodations

Some people need extra help or more time during assessments.

If you have a condition – temporary or permanent – that may cause you to be disadvantaged during your assessment, then you may be entitled to receive assistance via an appropriate accommodation or reasonable adjustment. For example, pregnancy, injury, medical conditions, disability or neurodivergence such as dyslexia or autism.

Reasonable adjustments may include additional time in the exercises or other adjustments. Any accommodation or reasonable adjustment will be based on the supporting information provided to your recruiting force in a relevant report, produced by an appropriately qualified professional.

If you believe you may have a condition that could disadvantage you, contact the force you are applying to directly. They will be able to assist you.

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