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Policing the Coronation

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Spotlight on our Police National Search Centre (PNSC) and preparation for major events
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Our Police National Search Centre (PNSC) is a world leader in counter terrorism search, missing person search and crime search.

Based at our Ryton site, it was set up after the Brighton bomb attack at the Conservative party conference in 1984 and has delivered specialist licensed search training since 1985.

The preparation to search and secure state ceremonies and major events such as the Commonwealth and Olympic Games begins well in advance. It continues, often unseen, up to and during the event itself. The visible police presence managing the crowds at the Coronation is the final piece of an even bigger picture.

Plans in our National Police Library archive show how much times have changed. Each officer is no longer issued with two and a half pints for breakfast as they were for King George VI's Coronation in 1937. However, the feeling of being part of history remains.

It's a lifetime experience that a lot of police officers will only ever have once.

You will get to places that you would never dream of getting as a police officer, let alone a civilian.

Chris Cole, College of Policing PNSC Trainer

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