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Our response to the Casey Review

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CEO Chief Constable Andy Marsh responds to the Casey Review into the Metropolitan Police's culture and standards
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Today’s review has laid bare the horrendous examples of how the very people the Met are there to serve are the ones who have lost confidence, been let down, mistreated and denied justice. We have heard of an internal culture that has let down officers and staff who serve the public every day, many of whom have suffered bullying or discrimination. 

It is unfathomable to the public how policing has found itself in a position where some of the worst behaviours in society are found among our ranks. 

I have been in policing for almost four decades and this is one of the most challenging times I can remember. Baroness Casey has called out the failings in leadership across the Met, but the College’s work to overhaul leadership must now be implemented in every force. This will standardise the training and development at every rank to embed professionalism, respect and inclusion. Public service, courage, respect and empathy will be cemented at the heart of everything we do through our refreshed Code of Ethics for policing. These will be the foundations of an improved public service not just in the Met but across all of policing. 

The Casey review must lead to tangible and quick action. It cannot become just another warning light of the serious issues with culture, leadership, performance and professionalism at the Metropolitan Police. I know and have seen how committed Sir Mark Rowley and his new leadership team are to turning things around and rebuilding the trust of the public. This work is already well underway and the College will continue to support the Met to improve. 

I remain convinced and determined that in the coming months and years we will rebuild the public’s trust. Policing will do that through better performance, strong ethics and high standards shown through the thousands of dedicated, brave and committed police officers who come to work every day to keep the public safe. The job of everyone in policing is to rebuild the public’s trust with high standards, strong ethics and better performance.

Chief Constable Andy Marsh, College of Policing CEO

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