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Ministry of Justice to provide more funding for legal support

Published on 26 August 2022
Charities and organisations that provide support for people without legal representation are being awarded a further £4 million
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Since 2015, the Ministry of Justice has provided £21 million to organisations providing legal support for litigants in person. Now a further £4 million will be awarded to charities and organisations this financial year.

The focus of the support is to enable people to obtain assistance in dealing with their legal problems, and to try to resolve civil and family cases at an earlier stage. The funding can provide legal guidance and also support if people need to attend court.

The government also proposed that the means testing for legal aid will be amended to ensure that around two million people will have access to legal aid.

We’re delighted to be working with Ministry of Justice on the new Help Accessing Legal Support grant. The Access to Justice Foundation exists to support organisations helping people most in need address their social welfare legal issues.

This grant will help a wide range of legal support and advice organisations across England and Wales help people resolve their legal issues at the earliest opportunity.

Clare Carter, Joint Chief Executive Officer of the Access to Justice Foundation

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