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Latest statistics on all crime types published by the Crown Prosecution Service

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The data covers the three-month period from 1 October to 31 December 2021
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The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) published the quarter three performance data in May 2022. The CPS reports a:

  • 3.2% increase in police referrals across all crime types, from 48,178 to 49,719
  • 23.7% increase in pre-charge rape referrals from the police, up from 887 to 1,097 (this includes both cases referred for early advice and requests for charging decisions)
  • 4.6% increase in the volume of suspects being charged for rape, from 526 to 550
  • slight reduction in the proportion of suspects charged (out of all legal decisions) from 69.2% to 66.6%
  • 14.7% increase in the volume of convictions for rape, from 407 to 467
  • 2.9 percentage point increase in the rape conviction rate, from 67.8% to 70.7%
  • 4.2% reduction in the volume of completed prosecutions for all crime types, from 107,327 to 102,777

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