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Have your say on how police information is managed, recorded and archived

Published on 25 January 2021
Public consultation on a new Code of Practice and Authorised Professional Practice open until 8 March
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Police call handlers

We are seeking your views in a public consultation on a new Code of Practice for information and records management, which will replace the Management of Police Information (MoPI) Code, and associated Authorised Professional Practice (APP) on archiving in the public interest.

The Code of Practice sets national standards for police information management and record keeping, to ensure consistency across forces. It will enhance transparency and reassure the public that all processing and use of police information will follow ethical principles and comply with existing privacy laws and regulations.

To support this, we are also adding to our APP on information management. This new guidance will help officers and staff to identify and manage information and records that should be retained beyond their normal retention periods, in the public interest.

We have developed the Code of Practice in partnership with the Home Office and National Police Chiefs' Council, working closely with subject matters experts and our policing partners throughout the development. The Code of Practice will be issued by the College of Policing under Section 39A of the Police Act 1996.

Once established, the Code and associated guidance can be used by forces and external regulators to assess and improve the way policing information and records are managed throughout their lifecycle.

Each police force should initially assess the extent to which the Code and the APP may affect them. If a force considers that meeting the Code or APP would be disproportionate, they should raise this in their response to the consultation. Force responses should include an explanation of what parts of the Code would be difficult to comply with, and specify any alternatives.

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