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Help shape the Code of Ethics review

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Have your say on our consultation on the scope of the review
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The College of Policing has launched a consultation on the scope of the review of the Code of Ethics.

The review will follow the evidence-based guideline development process. This means the revised Code will be developed collaboratively by a committee made up of police officers, police staff, subject-matter experts and academics.

Any changes to the Code will be based on the best available evidence, including empirical research and practitioner experience.

By undertaking this review, we will ensure that the Code of Ethics provides a framework to support ethical decision-making and clear guidance on the standards of professional behaviour within the police service.

We recognise the complexity and ambiguity of situations faced by those in policing on a daily basis. A revised Code of Ethics will seek to support policing by providing a framework that can be used practically to face these challenges.

We also want to provide greater transparency to the general public as to how all those in policing should be making decisions, the standards of behaviour that they can expect from the police service.

The standards of behaviour demonstrated in policing and the ethical considerations of both these behaviours and how policing makes decisions are critical to ensuring the trust and confidence of the public.

A revised Code of Ethics will shape how this is delivered in the coming years. I would therefore encourage everyone to contribute to this important work ensuring ethics is at the centre of how we deliver policing.

Superintendent Marcus Griffiths, policing standards manager for ethics, College of Policing

To ensure the revised Code of Ethics will support policing in the most effective way possible, we need to draw on evidence from across the policing landscape. You can help to shape this work by:

  • providing feedback on the scope of the review
  • being a member of the review committee

Our consultation on the scope for the Code of Ethics review closes on 10 September. We want to hear from everyone in the policing community as well as those affected by police decision-making.

We are also inviting expressions of interest to be part of the review committee. Complete the feedback form or email: [email protected]

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