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COVID-19 lessons published in parliamentary report

Published on 30 November 2021
Examples of good practice and mistakes were both found when examining the UK's response to the pandemic
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A report into the UK's initial response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been released by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee and Health and Social Care Committee.

The Coronavirus: lessons learned to date report contains 38 recommendations to the government and public bodies. It draws on evidence from more than 50 witnesses and 400 written submissions. 

The report found that:

  • delays in creating an adequate test, trace and isolate system interfered with efforts to understand and contain the outbreak
  • the vaccine development and deployment was effective and should guide future government practice
  • the decision to delay lockdown should have been challenged
  • social care was not given enough priority in the early stages of the pandemic
  • health inequalities need to be tackled with an urgent and long-term strategy
  • the UK didn't manage the COVID-19 outbreak as well as many other countries

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