Health, safety and welfare

Please be aware that we provide support and advice for police forces and other related stakeholders. Responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of police officers and staff remains with the Chief Officer at the relevant force.

Our work includes:

  • Conducting and facilitating research relating to occupational health, safety and welfare in the police service 
  • Providing secretariat support to the national Health, Safety and Welfare Strategic Group and supporting the ongoing work of the related sub groups
  • Supporting clinical and health and safety professionals working with the police service, including at development events
  • Issuing guidance for national use by forces e.g. on pandemic influenza and blood borne viruses
  • Supporting the Home Office and the police service develop consistent approaches

For more information on:

Police welfare

Two guidance documents are available designed to ensure that, in the event of a death of a serving officer or member of staff, an effective process is in place to manage the impact with minimum distress to relatives and colleagues, and minimise disruption to the force.  

These circulars also provide information on the available support groups and advise forces as to how they can support surviving family members:     


In the boxes to the right you will find links to relevant documents. These include:

  • Links to relevant regulations and legislation
  • Pandemic flu guidance for the police service
  • The ACPO Benchmarking Standard of Police Health and Safety Management
  • The Home Office Police Health Implementation Group (HOPHIG) documents
  • Blood-borne viruses: guidance to the police service
  • Guidance on the Qualification Requirements for force medical advisors

If you are looking for a specific document that is not hosted here, or you feel should be added, please contact the College of Policing health and safety policy lead


Specialist professional development events

The College has hosted professional development events on health, safety and welfare topics relating to the police service. Past events include:

  • First Aid Trainer Development Day. A one day event for police first aid trainers on the latest first aid techniques including battlefield first aid.
  • Cannabis: 'Dispelling the myth'. A one day event looking at the health and safety implications of raiding and clearing cannabis warehouses and plantations.
  • First Aid Clinical Governance Event. A one-day event for police first aid managers and clinical professionals advising the police service on clinical governance for first aid.
  • Police Pension Development Event. Specialist training for clinical practitioners conducting the Selected Medical Practitioner role under police pension regulations.

If you have any general queries about the information and content on this webpage, please contact Matt Johnston at the College of Policing.

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