Thank you for searching for information about the Membership scheme.

The membership website and its content are no longer available to you because we are changing the way we work with policing. We want to make access to our products and services simpler and more open.

Our main focus is to become better connected to policing and improve how we support you, and as feedback told us that a formal membership scheme was seen by some as a barrier, the decision was made to close the membership scheme.

Instead you'll be able to find the information you need on the College Website if it's something that is available to all (police and the public), or on the Knowledge Hub (when security means it cannot be shared with the public too), or on College Learn (the replacement for the MLE).

If you can't find something specific please email a query to the College Contact Centre outlining what you were looking for and we'll get back to you.

Here are some links to popular areas from the membership website and where you can find information about them now.

Jobs Board – no longer available but you can find the majority of jobs advertised on the All Police Jobs website, the College website, the College Recruit website and the Joining the Police website.

Ambassador hub – this is now a community on Knowledge Hub

Blackstone's discount - Please find updated details on the NPPF pages.

Mentoring – Please email the engagement team to get information about this scheme.

National Police Library – You can download a registration form, or login to access the Library from the College website.

College Bursary Scheme- You can find updated details on the College bursary What Works Centre page.

My membership number – You don't need a membership number to access any of our products.

Sign up to receive updates – Just send an email asking to be added to our contacts list

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