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ANPR (1)

Automatic number-plate recognition.

APP (6)

Authorised professional practice.

Recruitment and training.

Awards (1)

Recognising professional excellence in policing.

Conduct or performance dismissals from police forces across England and Wales.

Police officers across England and Wales can apply for financial support towards their higher education.

CCTV (2)

Closed-circuit television. 

COVID-19 (22)
CPD (18)

Continuing professional development

CVF (1)

Competency and values framework.

Equality (12)
Firearms (3)
Forensics (3)
Fraud (2)

The College of Policing's operational and frontline publication written by and for police officers and staff.

Roles, resources, learning, guidance and news

Roles, resources, learning, guidance and news

PCDA (3)

Police constable degree apprenticeship.

PCSO (2)

Police community support officers.

PEQF (2)

Policing education qualifications framework.

Risk (9)
Wellbeing (9)