Chief officer CPD events

Sessions for those working at ACC level and above (and police staff equivalents).

Events usually run every other Tuesday, and at the same timeslot of 3pm to 4.30pm.

To register for any of these or if you have any suggestions for CPD topics or activities, email:

See sessions on the same dates for superintendents and chief superintendents (and police staff equivalents)


20 April 2021

Disclosure (3pm to 4.30pm)

Assistant Chief Constable Tim De Meyer, Thames Valley Police.

Following his daily #DisclosureTipOfTheDay throughout February on Twitter (@tim_acc), ACC Tim De Meyer, who is the NPCC lead for disclosure, will deliver this CPD session for both chief officers and superintendents.

He will explore the following areas:

  • How can police leaders ensure that their investigators reconcile the absolute right of a suspect to a fair trial with the right of victims and witnesses to privacy? 
  • How can we be sure that all reasonable lines of enquiry are being followed?
  • What is the effect of the new attorney general guidelines on disclosure and how can we ensure our investigators follow them?

This is an important session for all senior leaders with an interest in investigations and criminal justice outcomes.  As ACC De Meyer points out: 'Disclosure isn’t the end of the investigation. It is the investigation'.

4 May 2021

Leadership at scale, collaboration, and leading in a political environment – lessons from Police Scotland (3pm to 4.30pm)

Deputy Chief Constable Malcolm Graham and Assistant Chief Constable Gary Ritchie, Police Scotland.

When we asked senior officers and staff what issues they would like to see covered in upcoming CPD sessions, several told us that they were particularly interested in understanding issues around collaboration, challenges of leading in a political environment and topics related to leadership at scale. 

We’re extremely pleased to welcome DCC Malcolm Graham and ACC Gary Ritchie from Police Scotland, who are experienced at dealing with these issues on a daily basis, to come and share their experiences with us. 

They will speak candidly on some of the particular challenges faced and how they work to develop solutions to these frequently complex issues.

18 May 2021

Uplift and national transformation (3pm to 4.30pm)

Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney, Hampshire Constabulary and DCC Janette McCormick, College of Policing.

In this session CC Olivia Pinkney and DCC Janette McCormick will provide an overview of the Police Uplift Programme (PUP) to date, highlighting some of the successes and also challenges in year one, and how these have been tackled. 

They will give a candid view on issues around managing this agenda in a political environment, adopting a learning culture and, critically, how the PUP is contributing to improving diversity and creating inclusive cultures which improve retention, both nationally and locally.

15 June 2021

Safeguarding children reform (3pm to 4.30pm)

Chief Constable Simon Bailey, Norfolk Constabulary and Lorraine Parker, the national policing coordinator for multi-agency child safeguarding reform. 

29 June 2021

Political skills and managing relationships with PCCs (3pm to 4.30pm)

Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt, NPCC chair, and Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer, Devon & Cornwall Police.

When we asked senior officers and staff what issues they would like to see covered in upcoming CPD sessions, challenges and strategies around leading in a political environment were high up the list of priorities. 

Sharing their vast expertise on these issues at local and national level, AC Martin Hewitt and CC Shaun Sawyer will share their honest assessments of their experiences, some of the approaches that they have adopted, and some of the lessons that they have learned, whilst leading in this context.

13 July 2021

Counter-terrorism (3pm to 4.30pm)

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Dean Haydon, the senior national coordinator for counter-terrorism policing, and Assistant Chief Constable Tim Jacques, deputy senior national coordinator for counter-terrorism policing.

7 September 2021

Leadership for wellbeing – cultural change (3pm to 4.30pm)

Chief Constable Lee Freeman, Humberside Police, and Deputy Chief Constable Claire Parmenter, Dyfed-Powys Police.

2 November 2021

'Tech savvy' (3pm to 4.30pm)


The society of evidence-based policing - '10 challenges to policing'

This series of weekly webinars runs from 12pm to 1pm every Wednesday, from 24 March to 26 May 2021.

Register online.


SIRO Hydra exercise

This event is postponed. To add your name to a waiting list, contact:


This one-day Hydra-facilitated event will be extremely beneficial to those who currently perform the role of senior information risk owner (SIRO) or are likely to in the future. Through immersive learning the delegate will be called upon to make decisions, and explain the rationale behind them, while managing an information breach scenario.  The scenario will explore the management of risk and provide opportunities for developing strategies for mitigating risk. It will also consider the role and remit of the SIRO, the need for strong information governance and highlight the sources of information and support available to the SIRO. The scenario is based on a real incident and consequently SIRO's could be called upon to manage such an incident at any time.

Entry requirements

The course is open to those who currently perform the role of SIRO or are likely to in the future at deputy chief constable and assistant chief constable level or equivalent.

If you require on-site accommodation this is chargeable and will be dependent on availability. Contact for price information.

The CSLE women’s leadership network

At these facilitated group meetings, women in leadership positions are provided with an opportunity to extend networks and share experiences with other female leaders from across the sectors. Acknowledging gender issues by sharing experiences can propel awareness, improving the working environment and boosting confidence.

As a member of the group you will be able to discuss your experiences and gain advice from other women. This will help tackle the challenges women face in organisations and across sectors.

For more information and details on how to register, email: (Jackie Smith, director, Cross Sector Leadership Exchange).