Youth Voice survey

This survey captures the views of young people on crime and policing in London.

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Dr. Emily Gilbert
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Research context

The Youth Voice survey is a product which captures the views of young people aged 11-16 about policing and crime in London on a regular basis. The last survey was in 2018. The next iteration of this survey, in 2021, will update our knowledge on young people’s experiences and perceptions.

Additionally, one of the measures included in the Mayor’s Action Plan focuses on young people’s perceptions of Safer Schools Officers. Youth Voice will enable capture of that information.

Research methodology

Sample design
We intend to invite as many young people in London to participate as possible, via secondary education providers. We have access to a list of all secondary providers in London, along with an email address for most of them (data up to date as of 3rd November 2020). Any school who caters for young people aged 11-16 will be contacted to ask them to distribute the invitation to participate to anyone eligible.

Schools will be emailed information about the survey and asked to distribute the link to their pupils who fit the eligibility criteria. Ideally this would be done as part of a lesson or otherwise during school time, but schools will be told they can set the task as homework if necessary.

Survey content
We expect the survey to be approximately 20 minutes long, and to cover a variety of topics related to policing and crime which are relevant to young people in London. Broad survey topic areas include:

  • Perceptions of the police 

  • Contact with the police 

  • Safety in the local area 

  • Safety at school

  • Victimisation 

  • Safer Schools Officers 

  • Stop and search 

  • Violent crime and gangs 

  • Media campaigns 

  • Online safety 

  • Sexual harassment and safeguarding 

  • Demographics

As well as the survey questions, the questionnaire will provide links to age-appropriate "sources of support" for young people if they are affected by issues raised in the questionnaire.

Analysis plan
Once the questionnaire content has been finalised, an analysis plan will be developed.

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