The socio-legal construction of organised crime in Romania

This project will explore organised crime in post-communist Romania and the strategies used to counter it.

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Alexandra Neag
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Research context

Considering current trends towards global policy and the internationalisation of policing serious threats such as terrorism and organised crime, there is need for careful analysis of the benefits and pitfalls of transnational policy.

The proposed project will explore how organised crime was constructed in post-communist Romania and whether current anti-organised crime strategies are successful in maintaining the stability of the country.

Considering the present context in which the role of the EU and its policies are being questioned, this project could help understand how Romanian organised crime and corruption threaten the stability of Romania and, by extension, that of the EU. Romania’s communist past and current EU membership could enable an analysis that goes beyond the US-inspired models of constructing and combating organised crime, by considering how organised crime plays out in specific, local ways within Romania.

The project will address questions about the extent to which western organised crime policies were transferred to Romania, how they influenced its activity, and whether current Romanian anti-organised crime policies are perceived to be effective.

Research methodology

I will conduct an ethnography of criminal justice agencies involved in anti-organised crime policing in Romania, qualitative interviews with criminal justice experts and an analysis of Romanian organised crime legislation, in order to chart the socio-legal construction of organised crime in Romania and to discuss the broader effects of criminal justice policy transference.

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