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Reinforcing public accountability by exploring and addressing governance issues in UK policing

This study explores policing governance issues in the UK and how they could be addressed to ensure public accountability.

Key details

Lead institution
Principal researcher(s)
Dr Rasha Kassem
Police region
South East
Level of research
Professional/work based
Project start date
Date due for completion

Research context

This research looks at policing governance from the lens of public accountability and the role policing plays in serving the public needs in the UK.

Governance refers to the way an organisation is directed and controlled. Effective police governance is crucial for ensuring national security and public values, including fairness, equality, diversity, inclusion, and integrity. It also aids in monitoring the police force and ensuring that police members are discharging their duties with respect and integrity.

Therefore, it is vital to identify policing governance issues and address them promptly to ensure public accountability. This study aims to explore policing governance issues in the UK and how they could be addressed to ensure public accountability.

Research methodology

The research will be based on semi-structured interviews with police forces in the UK to gain a deeper understanding of the current research issue. Sampling in qualitative research is based on saturation, a point where no new data can be collected. In qualitative research, a sample of between 15 and 30 participants is sufficient to reach saturation. Qualitative data will be analysed using thematic analysis.

Interim reports or publications

This research outcome will include:

  • an academic paper published in a peer-reviewed journal in policing, criminology, or governance
  • a technical report published in Policing Insight and available for the National Police Library

Research participation

I am seeking the participation of members of the police force in this project. Participants could include police officers, police constables, detective sergeants, police commissioners, and police directors or leads.

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