Diagnostic tool

A free tool to support the development of leadership behaviours.

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Leadership expectations

Leadership expectations are supported by a free diagnostic tool, available on the Leadership Learning platform (you will need to log in).

This diagnostic tool can be used to identify strengths in leadership behaviours and areas for further development. It is designed to support the development of individuals, teams or groups of police officers and staff.

As a police officer or member of police staff, you can use the diagnostic tool to gain feedback from colleagues on how they see you performing as a leader. Colleagues will be asked to complete feedback online, which is used to generate:

  • a feedback report
  • a development report supplied to you and your nominated feedback providers

You can use your report to identify areas for developing your leadership skills and behaviours. You can then plan your development by identifying appropriate opportunities.

Forces and individuals can map leadership development opportunities available locally to national initiatives provided by the College of Policing.

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