Leadership expectations

Leadership expectations are an integral part of the new leadership curriculum and set the standards for leadership development.

Leadership expectations

Police leaders build a strong sense of shared values and common purpose at all levels of the police service. The leadership expectations have been researched and developed to define what good leadership looks like in policing.

They have been developed at five stages:

  • Stage 1 – everyone as a leader
  • Stage 2 – first-line leaders
  • Stage 3 – mid-level leaders
  • Stage 4 – senior leaders
  • Stage 5 – chief officers and staff

Following extensive engagement with the service, they explore six elements of leadership that have been developed to describe the appropriate and expected behaviours from leaders at all levels:

  1. Inspiring common purpose
  2. Developing and valuing people
  3. Building an inclusive workplace
  4. Leading across boundaries
  5. Performance and improvement
  6. Understanding self and others

Leadership expectations introduce consistency and set the standards for leadership development for police and police staff. They are an integral part of the new leadership curriculum and align with the competency and values framework (CVF).

Leadership development initiatives can be planned and developed using leadership expectations as they support clearer evaluation while meeting the local needs of forces.

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