Senior leadership development programme – organisational leadership module

Understand how your approach to leadership can have an impact on your organisation.

This module will challenge you to enhance your negotiation and influencing skills through a selection of sessions and an immersive learning exercise. 

The Hydra module is designed to build on the knowledge and apply the skills you have developed in the previous modules of the programme.

This is a core element of the organisational leadership module, which, through the immersive learning tool of Hydra, will simulate a scenario that will allow you to experiment with the knowledge, skills and behaviours you have drawn from the programme.

This is a mandatory part of the programme and will provide insightful and valuable feedback for your progression as a senior leader.

Key details

Qualification eligibility
  • department heads, chief inspectors and superintendents
  • police officers, staff and citizens in policing operating at the right level are equally welcome to join the programme

Prior to attending this programme, you must have experience of management or leadership in a policing environment.

Course contact
Additional documents
Additional information

Pre-course learning

Before attending this programme you will be asked to complete the following activities.

An introductory conversation

The College of Policing will arrange a one-to-one conversation with each individual with the following objectives:

  • Introduce you to the College of Policing delivery team and introduce the senior leadership development programme and learning outcomes of the personal and organisational leadership modules.
  • Develop an understanding of your current role and responsibilities, thus building a picture of your development requirements and overall focus.
  • Gain an insight into your aspirations to support further development.

We will be in contact prior to the module to arrange this with each of you individually.

Each conversation should last no longer than one hour.


You will receive a link to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Thomas Kilmann Instrument before joining module one. 

It is essential that you complete these assessments unless you have done them in the past two years in which case you should send your reports to us.

Beyond 360

As part of your ongoing continuing professional development (CPD), you are advised to complete the Beyond 360 assessment in force. This is a College of Policing product and is available to all members. Your HR or L&D team should be able to support you with the process and provide feedback that you can then use with your coach/mentor to develop your development plan.


  1. The Leadership Review
  2. Policing Vision 2025
  3. The 21st Century Public Servant
  4. Police Culture and Transformational Leadership
  5. Police Occupational Culture

For pre-reads 4-5, you will be required to register as a guest user with the National Police Library.

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