Senior leadership development programme – command skills (tactical and strategic modules)

Highly recommended as a prerequisite to MAGIC, strategic firearms and gold public order command. 

Both the tactical and strategic modules are underpinned by pre-course learning and a knowledge check.

This learning is applied in real-world case exercises, including a Hydra exercise.


  • developing a thorough understanding and application of the national decision model in realistic work-based scenarios
  • challenging, evidence-based content providing practical experience and tools to improve operational performance
  • networking and engaging with other senior leaders across the UK and from wider law enforcement agencies

The strategic command skills module is highly recommended as a prerequisite to the specialist command modules of MAGIC, strategic firearms and gold public order command. 

Key details

Qualification eligibility

Chief inspectors, superintendents and police staff or equivalent roles.

Practitioner group

Police officers who are required to operate as strategic or tactical commanders in non-specialist environments.


Two days (per module).

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