Radio frequency propagation survey (RFPS) wifi and cellular knowledge

Developing the role and responsibilities of the RFPS technician.

This course looks at the ways in which wifi and cellular networks carry data sessions and considers how data records are examined in order to assess the location and movement of mobile devices.

The course looks specifically at data transmission, as opposed to voice calls and text messages, and incorporates practical application and demonstration of knowledge and skills gained.


​To develop further the learner’s knowledge and experience of RFPS surveying.


​On successful completion of this course learners will be able to:

  • understand and explain wifi data sources and cellular data principles
  • understand criminal uses of wifi data
  • describe the process for planning a survey
  • demonstrate the practical use of tools in carrying out a survey

Methods of delivery

​Trainer-led, classroom-based sessions.

Key details

Qualification eligibility

Anyone who has completed the RFPS technician course (or other course that provides training to the same level and in the same subjects) and has had six months’ experience of carrying out RFPS surveys.


Three days.


Home Office forces (non-residential):

£1,054 (prices are valid from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021)

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