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PNC offence processing – pre-court and resulting combined

How to create and update names records in relation to arrest summons reports and disposal history in the PNC.


This course enables users to:

  • describe the arrest summons and disposal history processes
  • create new PNC names records
  • add an arrest summons report to a new or existing record
  • add remands and breach of bail to a PNC names record
  • explain the different types of disposals, including non-court disposals
  • enter and amend court results
  • record subsequent appearances and breaches of court orders

Key topics

This course covers:

  • the process stages and remand types
  • how to update nominal information
  • how to create and amend arrest summons reports
  • how to create additional offences and how to link and de-link offences
  • how to utilise the #AV transaction
  • how to add remands and breach of bail
  • disposal types and non-court disposals
  • how to enter and amend court results
  • how to add additional offences and subsequent appearances
  • how to record breaches of court orders

Key details

Qualification eligibility

MV or NPPV3 vetting.


    It is essential that learners:

    • have successfully completed the PNC names enquiry course (three days)
    • completed the PNC update pre-course workbook prior to attending the course
    Practitioner group

    Individuals who are required to update the arrest summons and disposal history of a PNC record.


    Five days.

    Course contact
    Additional information
    • The College can also deliver the PNC offence processing course as two separate courses; PNC offence processing – pre-court only (three days), which covers key topics one to six above, and PNC offence processing – resulting only (two days) which covers topics six to ten above.
    • This is an assessed course, meaning an 80% pass mark needs to be achieved to successfully complete the course.
    • Individuals will be accepted onto this course with RV or NPPV2 vetting as well, however, please note that these vetting levels are not sufficient to be granted live access to this functionality.  


    Scheduled PNC names update courses run periodically at the College’s Ryton site. 

    This course can also be delivered locally at an organisation’s own site, provided the venue meets the PNC system’s technical requirements.

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