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PNC manager

The skills and knowledge to cover the role of a Police National Computer (PNC) manager, including how to audit PNC activities and available PNC functionality.


This course enables users to:

  • prepare for the role of a PNC manager and outline the key responsibilities of the role
  • plan and conduct audits of PNC use within their organisation
  • identify guidance documents and support mechanisms that assist learners to carry out the role

Key topics

This course covers:

  • the role and responsibilities of a PNC manager
  • an overview of the PNC functionality
  • how PNC connections are made and how to use the management transactions for local use
  • how to obtain management information regarding the use of the PNC
  • how to plan an audit
  • how to conduct transaction log and message log enquiries
  • how to validate a PNC transaction
  • how to access national and regional user groups

Key details

Qualification eligibility

RV or NPPV2 vetting.


It is recommended (though not essential) that learners: 

  • have completed the PNC vehicle, property and names enquiry course (five days) 
  • have shadowed PNC users within their own organisation
Practitioner group

Individuals who are required to undertake the role of a PNC manager, which includes the auditing of PNC use within their organisation. This may be part of an individual’s wider job role.


Two days.

Course contact
Additional information
  • This is an online course held remotely.
  • This course will not prepare learners to use the PNC enquiry or updating functionality, as the focus of the course is to learn how to manage an organisation’s access to these functions, not how to use them. If you require operator access to the PNC, please attend the appropriate PNC course for the area you require access to. 
  • The PNC managers course is only delivered by the College of Policing and must be completed before access to PNC manager functionality will be provided.
  • There is no assessment at the end of this course.


Scheduled PNC manager courses run periodically. 

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