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High tech crime scene searching

Equip investigators with the knowledge and skills to recover, handle and preserve electronic evidence.

A course designed and delivered by specialists to provide a real understanding of the issues around the search and seizure of electronic evidence.


​To equip staff with the knowledge and skills to deal correctly with electronic evidence in domestic, small business and wireless network environments.


  • establish priorities for the preservation and handling of electronic evidence, without the risk of losing or contaminating the evidence
  • secure any electronic ​​crime scene by applying best practice in dealing with and managing suspects and witnesses
  • provide guidance on how to manage active devices and securing volatile evidence from local computers and those connected to the network and cloud services
  • guidance on providing advice to other team members at search scenes where electronic evidence is present

If sufficient numbers of staff from the same unit are available, this course can be tailored to fit an individual group or unit's needs and may include some classroom training before or after any search exercise.

Methods of delivery

​Some pre-deployment classroom-based theory sessions but mostly based in and around search facilities.

Key details


​This course is entirely practical and delegates benefit fully if they have an aptitude for activity that requires quick thinking and practical application.

Practitioner group

​Law enforcement staff who have responsibility for conducting search and seizure operations at domestic and business premises as part of their duties


Home Office forces (non-residential):

£277 (1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021)

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