Counter-corruption lead investigator course

Integrate effectively into counter-corruption units and to actively manage investigations.


To develop managers' skills and knowledge to allow them to integrate effectively into counter corruption units and to actively manage investigations.


  • standardise counter corruption training delivery for managers new to the field of counter corruption
  • create a pre-course solution to accommodate, as much as possible, the different skill levels of managers
  • provide guidance a​​nd processes in line with the Authorised Professional Practice (APP) to enable managers to conduct and manage counter corruption investigations
  • develop an interactive product that m​aximises learning
  • provide managers with the opportunity to apply learning to a hydra exercise

Subjects ​covered include:

  • purpose of counter-corruption units
  • investigative​​ mindset
  • indoctrination and decision making
  • policy ​files
  • Managing a covert counter corruption investigation
  • role of an analyst
  • IPCC
  • guidance and role of CPS in corruption cases
  • investigative strategies
  • post-investigation issues
  • understanding digit​​al media and telecommunications

Methods of delivery

Speakers, group work and a Hydra exercise.

Key details

Qualification eligibility
  • minimum vetting level of SC or equivalent is required
  • detective inspectors, detective chief inspectors and detective superintendents or equivalent managers from law enforcement and partner agencies within England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Delegates should have completed the management of serious crime investigators development programme (MSCIDP) or detective inspectors development programme (DIDP), or counter-corruption investigator course, or possess prior experience.

Practitioner group

Managers directly involved in heading counter corruption units and/or managing counter corruption investigations, who are experienced investigators, in post up to 12 months or yet to start in the field of counter-corruption.


Five days.


Home Office forces (non-residential):

£1,375 (1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021)

Course contact
Additional information

The resid​ential programme is delivered Monday to Friday. It starts at 10am on Monday and finishes early afternoon on Friday.