Core skills in network investigations

Foundation in the operation of single computers, operating systems, networks (wired and wireless), the internet and its applications.

This course is an introduction to the computer hardware and software likely to be encountered by the network investigator or others embarking on a role dealing with computer network or internet-related offending.

The course deals with the operation of single computers, operating systems, networks (wired and wireless), the internet and its applications.

It provides the student with a firm foundation on which to base further specialised training.


​This course is designed to provide the student with an introduction to computers, computer operating systems, computer crimes and computer investigative resources, together with an insight into internet services, criminal use of the internet and investigative techniques.


  • ​explain the workings of a computer
  • explain the difference between a variety of operating systems
  • explain how data is stored in a variety of media
  • describe the process for the seizure of electronic evidence
  • describe the uses of different network types
  • summarise the legal issues involved in search and seizure and network investigations
  • explain the services available on the internet
  • explain how these services work
  • describe the process​​ for tracing email
  • explain how Information Relay Chat (IRC) works and how users can be traced
  • describe some of the common encryption algorithms

Methods of delivery

​Through a combination of trainer-led and practical hands-on sessions, the student will be taken from the construction of a simple PC computer, through building a network to connecting to the internet and its applications and protocols.

At each stage, the trainer-led sessions will be reinforced by practical sessions to allow the student to gain an understanding of not only the hardware and software but also the ​criminal uses and the implications of such use.

Key details


​No previous knowledge is assumed but an understanding of computer and common software applications would be an advantage.

Practitioner group

Individuals who have or are about to be appointed as network investigators or those who have responsibility for the investigation of high tech or internet crimes.​


Eight days.

Accreditation notes:

Students are assessed through a knowledge check on the final day of the course.


Home Office forces (non-residential):

£1,751.00 (prices are valid from 1 October 2019 for courses from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021)

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