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Published on 13 November 2020
Written by Chief Constable Mike Cunningham, CEO
As the professional body for the police service, we have a wide programme of work, all ultimately aimed at keeping the public safe
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Chief Constable Mike Cunningham, CEO

I am pleased to introduce the College of Policing's annual business plan and set out our activities for the forthcoming year.

We will continue with core activities around setting standards, sharing knowledge and developing the workforce. Further we will particularly focus on diversity, leadership and the challenges and opportunities that come with digital technology.

Like all organisations, our work in the last few months has been heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The future, in terms of the pandemic and its repercussions, is uncertain. The College must remain capable of responding flexibly and dynamically to new challenges that arise.

We have been playing a crucial role in developing and communicating timely and clear guidance on how to implement the health protection regulations. We will continue to divert resources to this, as new regulations and amendments are made.

There has been a lot of praise for College colleagues and how they have supported the police workforce, both during the lockdown months and in the ongoing aftermath. Teams have rallied together and worked at phenomenal pace, along with our partners, to meet force needs. We have demonstrated a strong spirit of innovation and collaboration which we will work to promote and retain.

Within a six-week window during the lockdown period, the College developed and made available a virtual assessment process to allow the continuation of police constable recruitment. As part of our work this year, we will be developing options for combining the best of the virtual assessment methods with aspects of the recently developed ‘Day One’ face-to-face process.

I am pleased that we have the finances, through the Police Settlement Fund, to continue to support forces to meet the 20k uplift target this year as a key delivery partner responsible for many crucial elements of the uplift. We will be supporting the service to make the most of this unprecedented opportunity – both to recruit talented and diverse officers, but also to ensure they receive the training and support they need to start off well and develop in their careers. We will also continue to support forces with their implementation of the new Policing education qualifications framework (PEQF) entry routes.

The imperative to find alternatives to face-to-face delivery is accelerating the development of our digital offer. Plans for 2020/21 include ramped-up work to make more of our products and services, including training, available online. We will also be working to make sergeant and inspector exams web-based.

The Transforming our College programme will continue to shape our future ways of working and benefits from this programme were already apparent in our pandemic response. Agile, cross-College working is intensifying, along with our ability to engage with and directly support colleagues on the front line.

Our reputation for knowing and quickly delivering what the service needs is growing. Continuing this trend is at the core of our plan for the year ahead. We will continue to develop and make new resources available, including a pilot of new officer safety training, updating the Crime Reduction Toolkit and extending our research and roll-out of a new domestic abuse risk assessment tool.

We have a demanding programme of work for 2020/21. Given the outstanding achievements of the last few months, I have every confidence it will be a highly productive year.

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