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Promoting and supporting diversity and inclusion

Published on 17 November 2020
CPD in focus 2020: Continuing professional development is about learning and growing and that includes challenging yourself
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Police staff

We have a range of resources, products and initiatives to help you promote, support and embed diversity and inclusion within your force.

From supporting the recruitment and promotion of underrepresented groups into the service, through to tackling the impact of unconscious bias, the resources highlight emerging good practice and examples of what’s working.

Diversity and inclusion is integral to everyone's continuing professional development within policing. We police by consent and it’s important for us to be representative of the communities we serve and support. There are many tangible benefits to policing, including:

  • we are better able to identify with and understand our communities, helping to reduce crime and stop minority communities from being exploited
  • a boost to policing, making it easier to attract and recruit officers and staff
  • diverse teams make better decisions and research suggests that there are benefits in having teams that have a good mix of outlooks, including significantly better decision-making and increased productivity and creativity

Unconscious biases can be difficult to recognise. Our resources help you to develop a better understanding about diversity and inclusion and how it helps us in making policing work.

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