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Latest changes to APP

Date Category Guidance Changes
Detention and custody > Detainee care Alcohol and drugs

Fixed broken link to NPIA (2011) Template Protocol for the Management of Detainees who are Intoxicated and Incapable in a Public Place.

Armed policing Attenuating energy projectiles

Risk factors section - replaced (SACMILL) with (DOMILL) Effects section - added 'is after 'but it'.

Armed policing Conducted energy devices (Taser)

Medical assessment section replaced (within aftercare section) CED information leaflets section replaced.

Detention and custody Control, restraint and searches

Replaced middle section of medical assessment section.

Major investigation and public protection > Hate crime Responding to hate crimes

Replaced paragraph to reflect changes to legislation.

Information management Data protection

Some wording amended and links updated.

Mental health Mental vulnerability and illness

New paragraph added to the end of the autism section (section 2.1.4).

Civil emergencies > Civil contingencies Response and recovery

Links to family and friends reception centre replaced in relief phase section and outer cordon section

Detention and custody Buildings and facilities

Changes requested to Design and maintenance of a custody suite section: standard Home Office design amended to PCDG design throughout section.

Contact details changed in inspection and maintenance regime section, 1st paragraph (first aid equipment section) changed.

Detention and custody CCTV

Contact details changed in planning section.

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