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Latest changes to APP

Date Category Guidance Changes
Detention and custody Response, arrest and detention

Broken link in drop down box S.8 'monitoring and data collection'.

Investigation Forensics

Reference to DNA good practice manual amended and principle of exchange link amended.

Investigation Managing investigations

Deleted the link regarding the ACPO Crime Committee (1999) revised guidelines for the use of policy files and changed to new NPCC (2021) Major Crime Investigation Manual, section 16, policy file.

Investigation Investigating fraud

MLE to College Learn.

Major investigation and public protection > Domestic abuse Understanding risk and vulnerability in the context of domestic abuse

Updated section added - Victims with insecure or uncertain immigration status.

Major investigation and public protection > Hate crime Responding to hate crimes

Amended out of date reference to risk guideline consultation and amend with link to guidelines.

Intelligence management Intelligence report

Broken link to government security clasification replaced.

Investigation > International International

Section on extradition updated.

Major investigation and public protection Stalking or harassment

SPO forms added.

Prosecution and case management Charging and case preparation

Section on Charging process amended.

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