Licensing our products

Applying for a licence to use our products and licensing opportunities. 

Apply for a licence

Our standards, codes of practice and guidance are used by policing organisations around the world. They include: 

  • authorised professional practice (APP)
  • Code of Ethics
  • national policing curriculum
  • learning standards
  • learning materials
  • policing tools and models
  • Infographics
  • photographs
  • content from our websites

If you wish to use, adapt or modify our content then you will need to obtain a licence by contacting copyright&[email protected]

    Deliver our programmes (internally on a non-commercial basis)

    Home Office police forces

    All Home Office police forces are licensed by the College under a single consolidated licence through their police and crime commissioner (PCC) or in the case of the Metropolitan Police Service, the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC).

    To request permission to use licensed products for purposes not permitted under the licence (for example, to wider audiences) please complete the permission request template (applicable to existing licensees only) and send it to: copyright&[email protected]

    Wider law enforcement organisations and other government bodies

    Some wider law enforcement and other government bodies are licensed under our consolidated licence.

    If you are not already licensed you'll need to get our prior written permission (a licence).

    To request permission, contact: copyright&[email protected] 

    Use our logo

    Permission to use the College name or logo will usually only be granted for official College of Policing business, or where there is participation at an event, or in a publication where the use of the name and or logo is specifically agreed.

    Any use of the College logo must be with our prior written permission (a licence).

    To request permission, contact: copyright&[email protected] 

    Tell us:

    • who you are requesting permission on behalf of (business or individual) 
    • your business address
    • for what specific purpose you wish to use the logo
    • how long you wish to use the logo   

    Licensing opportunities

    From time to time the College will advertise its commercial licensing opportunities for external organisations to bid for.

    There are currently no opportunities available. 

    Previous licensing bids outcome

    • Licence bid ref. COP002 (post incident management training): licence awarded to PFOA Training Services Ltd on 26 October 2018
    • Licence bid ref. COP003 (domestic abuse (DA) matters change programme): licences awarded to SafeLives, Welsh Women's Aid, and Women's Aid Federation of England on 10 May 2019

    Licensing framework

    The College's licensing framework simplifies and standardises the way the College provides content to Home Office police forces, wider law enforcement organisations, and other government bodies as well as commercial organisations and individuals.

    The framework allows the College to achieve a balance between content that is freely available to the public for re-use and content where its use is limited and controlled.

    There are broadly four types of copyright licences under the framework:

    • non-commercial College licence is generally for published, freely available content
    • consolidated licence is used predominantly to provide free licences to Home Office police forces as well as some wider law enforcement organisations and government bodies on a licence fee basis
    • short-form licence is used to grant permission to support ad hoc requests from individuals or organisations wishing to use specific content (or extracts thereof) for a specific purpose. Eg, using the College logo including extracts of content in a novel they are writing
    • commercial licence is used where College intellectual property is being commercialised  

    The College also utilises the open government licence v3.0 for content that is publicly available for free use and re-use by anyone, for all purposes, both commercially and non-commercially.

    For further information, contact: copyright&[email protected]

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