Evidence and Evaluation Advisor (Developing the Evidence Base) - Paul Quinton

​Paul provides support across the faculty (and other parts of the College) to establish the evidence base to support practice, guidance and curriculum development. Paul encourages academic research into subjects relevant to the faculty and in particular continues to support research in a number of areas.

Procedural and Organisational Justice: developing and disseminating evidence on how forces can promote the sorts of behaviours that are correlated with improved perceptions of policing encounters and police legitimacy.

Mental health: Leading a Rapid Evidence Assessment to support a training project focused on restraint, de-escalation, communication and interviewing, and advising NHS England on the standard of their evaluation of street triage.

Stop and search: The College is developing a training project focused on officer decision-making, use of the law, communication skills and public satisfaction. The College is working with pilot forces on a randomised controlled trial to test the impact of the training on officer attitudes and behaviour, and (if feasible) public experience. Work has also begun on an analysis to assess the effect of S&S on crime using a 10 year run of weekly data from the Metropolitan Police.

Support for forces: Paul is advising a range of forces on how to test local interventions to improve their use of S&S; advising the Metropolitan Police on evaluating its force-wide confidence training; and on a survey of firearms and tactical support group officers.

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