Organisational development

The College of Policing is helping forces to increase productivity and performance in order to improve customer service and public satisfaction, while making sustainable cost savings.

We are a team of seconded police officers and other specialist staff, helping to grow the capability of the police service to continually improve business efficiency and front-line service delivery.

To achieve this we:

  • facilitate and support the professional review of police organisational functions, leading on to the development and implementation of improvements
  • build and share knowledge and learning about what works (and what does not) in functions both internal to police forces, and in collaborations - between forces or in partnerships with commercial and other public sector bodies
  • work to build this knowledge into the National Policing Curriculum and equivalent examinations and assessments, for all levels of seniority and including the development and delivery of specialist business improvement training
  • organise specific leadership development events tailored to the needs of each leadership team
  • develop and share tools for use by force leaders and specialists.

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