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Innovation and Knowledge sharing

As part of the Front Line Review you told us there are not enough opportunities for frontline officers and staff to influence the decisions for change that impact your day to day role.

In response to this feedback, we're creating a space for frontline officers and staff to directly influence innovation and improvement in policing in England and Wales.

We will share your ideas with strategic decision makers, share 'informal' learning (that comes from day to day business) across the service and celebrate successful examples of local projects. This will give frontline officers a greater voice in future conversations about day to day policing.

Our work so far includes:


  1. Funded innovation days – we have secured Police Transformation Fund (PTF) money for all forces to run their own innovation days for continuing professional development (CPD). Each force can claim funds to help with venue costs and we can provide a toolkit with slides, a suggested agenda and videos to use throughout the day. More than 30 forces are already planning their events in early 2020, with many Chief Constables committing to taking forward the best ideas from the session.
  2. National map of police ideas – how would you improve policing? We are gathering ideas from officers, staff and volunteers across the country on what you would like to see implemented to improve police work. Your ideas can be big or small, just submit them to our national map and we will present these suggestions to strategic policing leaders including the Home Office and the NPCC. These leaders will then look at how they can implement these ideas to make positive changes across the service.
  3. Innovation workshops – we are offering free innovation workshops to all forces. For more information, email our Innovation and Knowledge Sharing Manager at
  4. Sharing learning and success – we want to hear about your day to day learning and the best advice you've been given in policing. We also want to share examples of innovation and problem solving across policing so everyone can learn from each other's experience. We've launched our Innovation and Knowledge sharing group on Knowledge Hub, to provide a space to ask questions and share advice with policing colleagues across the country.


Read a blog from our Innovation and Knowledge Sharing Manager Rob on the work so far.

We're excited about where this work will take us and the opportunity it will give all officers, staff and volunteers to be more involved in the future of policing. This is a developing space created to support  the sharing of knowledge, allowing you to submit ideas to effect positive change and to work on new solutions for national programmes.

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