Peer support

A key focus of the College is sharing knowledge and good practice to help our members do their jobs as effectively as possible.  Peer support is one way in which professional capability and knowledge can be built to support evidence based development and improvement in policing.  

‚ÄčIf there is a need to improve an operational or organisational area in your force then you can request the College to lead a Peer Support intervention. Typically, support can be a 2-3 day Peer Review, an OD workshop or another bespoke development event. We have a cadre of peers to call upon from forces, other public sector agencies, the private sector and academia. This is excellent for the peer's own professional development but, using their professional experience, it also delivers the following organisational benefits to peer reviewed forces:

  • Access to a very active community of practice made up of peers from policing, other public sector agencies, private sector and academia and access to the best available evidence of what works from those communities
  • Tapping into the diverse range of experience and perspectives they bring to develop their knowledge and practice
  • More informed force change programmes
  • Better risk management
  • Improvement of HMICFRS PEEL ratings
  • Developing an understanding of organisational development, culture and change.

The Transformation Framework

This organisational development diagnostic tool, aimed at building competence and confidence in leading effective business change, is an integral part of our peer support methodology. If a force is interested in either commissioning a peer review or someone within a force is interested in becoming a peer, it would be worth learning more about the College's Transformation Framework

Other OD faculty products used in conjunction with this, and which we commend for further reading, include the Guiding Principles for Organisational Leadership, the Continuous Improvement Self-Assessment Matrix; and the College wellbeing tools and guidance.

Join our community:

Peers are given access to a Peer Support group on the Knowledge Hub to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and ideas with colleagues regarding specific peer reviews.  You will need to register as a user on Knowledge Hub before you can join any communities.

Contact us:

If you are interested in becoming a peer or have any questions then please email the College's Organisational Development faculty at for further information and support.

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