Improvement and transformation networks

A key focus of the College is sharing knowledge and good practice to help our members do their jobs as effectively as possible.    Improvement and transformation networks are one way in which a force can help build those professional capabilities and knowledge to support evidence based policing. 

Membership of the networks allows attendees to progress their continuous professional development but also the ability to support their, and other force's Organisational Development. If a force is interested in setting up its own improvement network then the College will assist them in doing that.  Or, if they are not already, they can become involved in the existing regional and national improvement networks described below. 

Continuous Improvement and Change Practitioners

Peers are brought together from this discipline to share knowledge and practice around Continuous Improvement and Change Management. Members are invited quarterly to attend Continuous Improvement (CI) networks, hosted within the force regions. These give CI practitioners the opportunity to share good practice and learning within their own region and to contribute to and be sighted on the wider national picture. These networks are also used as problem solving workshops, tacking issues affecting the successful delivery of CI and Change in force, the solutions of which are then socialised with other forces, to allow the creation of a service-wide agreed narrative.

Strategic Change/Transformation Leads Network Event

This brings together strategic change/transformation peers from forces and Offices of the PCCs, as well as representatives from national policing stakeholder bodies to discuss progression towards achieving the reform strands set out in the national Policing Vision 2025. Providing this time and space enables participants to build peer networks, share and gain expertise, learn from one another's current change initiatives and identify capabilities that enable efficiencies and effectiveness in service delivery transformation. Two Network events are run per year and are open to continuous improvement, change/transformation leads and/or practitioners.  

Continuous Improvement Self-Assessment Matrix – CI SAM

This is a framework which provides a standard approach to support police leaders in service-led improvement and cultural change. Through self-assessment, forces can establish a baseline, benchmark and develop action plans to progress their level of Continuous Improvement (CI) maturity.  You can find out more about CI SAM here. Other OD faculty products used in conjunction with this, and which we also commend for further reading, include the Guiding Principles for Organisational Leadership, the Transformation Framework and a number of College wellbeing tools and guidance.

Join our community:

Our network meetings generally take place in person but are supported through online discussions on the Knowledge Hub.  Our Knowledge Hub groups that you may be interested in joining include the Business Change Practitioner Network, the National Heads of Change Network, the National Leadership Practitioners Network and the Demand Practitioners Network.  

Contact us:

The networks are managed by Dan Rowley. For more information contact him via email at






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