Beyond 360 Degree feedback system

Welcome to the College of Policing Beyond 360° Feedback system, which provides the police service with an effective, efficient way to support staff development and leadership.

What is Beyond 360º Feedback?

Beyond 360º Feedback is an internet based software application which can be accessed by individuals and raters on their own personal devices, as well as their work computer. The system provides users with the ability to select raters that have email accounts that also sit outside of the .psn or .gsi network.

Beyond 360° Feedback enables an individual to receive feedback from multiple sources at multiple levels in a secure and efficient way. Beyond 360° Feedback enables areas of strength and development to be identified, from an individual through to an organisational level. Much more than just a feedback tool, Beyond 360° Feedback offers a wide range of functions which help users to increase their self-awareness and support their ongoing development.

The system includes our Privacy statement which provides information on GDPR compliance and how personal data is used.

What are the benefits of using Beyond 360º Feedback?

Beyond 360°Feedback offers many potential benefits, not only at an individual but at a team, departmental and organisational level.

Individual benefits

  • Individually tailored and focused development
  • Improved self-awareness
  • Specific feedback on individual skills, abilities and behaviours
  • Understanding of what colleagues value in their work
  • Identifies areas of strength and development
  • Assists in constructing 'SMARTER' personal development plans to form part of their continued development
  • Encourages individuals to 'own' their development
  • Can lead to an improvement in performance

Organisational benefits

  • Identifies areas of strength and development of teams, departments and at an organisational level
  • Informs where to target training and development
  • Complements existing HR processes
  • Provides development and experience
  • Demonstrates commitment to staff development
  • Enhances the organisational feedback culture
  • Realises a return on investment

Why is Beyond 360º Feedback right for you?

A highly secure system

Beyond 360° Feedback is an Internet-based software application accessed via a secure IT platform. It is independently security tested annually to comply with industry standards. A full DPIA was conducted at the end of 2018 and is reviewed annually. The latest DPIA was conducted in January 2019.


360° feedback tools are most effective when based on a competency framework that is specific to the organisation. Beyond 360° Feedback is designed around the competency frameworks specific to the police service. It integrates both the Competency and Values Framework (CVF) and the Policing Professional Framework (PPF) Personal Qualities into the system. Beyond 360° Feedback can also be tailored to an individual force framework.


Beyond 360° Feedback can be tailored to specifically meet your needs in the following ways:

  • Visual customisation to comply with corporate branding
  • Force specific competency framework
  • Bespoke role profiles
  • Tailored rating scales
  • Customised reports
  • Information distribution, including automatic reminders to users and raters
  • Data Analysis to support training and development requirements

What do you get from Beyond 360º Feedback?

Individual feedback reports

Feedback reports will be provided for each user following completion of their assessment.

Access to online results

In addition to the feedback provided by the reports, individuals can gain access to additional results online, providing them with a more detailed picture of their profile.

Personal development planning

Beyond 360° Feedback hosts an integrated development planning tool, giving users the opportunity to generate personal development plans. All users registered with Beyond 360° Feedback will have full access to the development planning tools to help support their development. Users can directly link plans to development activities to put the feedback into action.

Organisational tools

Beyond 360° Feedback is designed to provide our customers with additional information at an organisational level, to assist the planning and targeting of development strategies. Options available are:

  • Receive information at an individual/team/unit/organisational level, to assist in planning development strategies based on themes and trends in feedback
  • Benchmark the performance of teams and departments
  • Collect anonymous biographical details of users to monitor trends and patterns within the organisation

What support is available?

Customer support

The Beyond 360º Feedback team provides a professional service to all our customers. We provide advice and guidance on all aspects of the system, to ensure it is utilised as effectively as possible.

Feedback facilitation

To receive maximum value from 360º Feedback, and to reduce the risk of negative reaction to feedback, it is recommended that individuals receive a one-to-one feedback session with a trained feedback facilitator. Please contact the team for more information.


We offer workshops to support the implementation of Beyond 360º Feedback sessions. Workshops can be tailored to meet your needs and are delivered by in-house psychologists. To discuss the workshops available in more detail, please contact the team.

Who do you contact?

For more information about Beyond 360° Feedback, please do not hesitate to email the team.

How much will it cost?

We believe in providing a value-for-money product which offers the service an efficient, effective solution to supporting personal development and improving performance. Costs are extremely competitive; additional options offered at no extra cost include unlimited access to the system and reports for 12 months, system support from the Beyond 360° Feedback team and access to organisational data. Costs are dependent on customer requirements, and we would encourage you to contact the team to discuss this further.


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