Police Service Quality Assurance Scheme

This is a single quality assurance system that covers all training, learning and development designed and, or implemented by police forces.

The Police Service Quality Assurance scheme (PSQA) is an all-embracing quality assurance scheme, comprising a single framework with multi-functional capabilities to meet a range of stakeholder needs. It provides a facility for assessing quality and supporting continuous improvement, across local and national products, functions and business areas in all police forces and wider law enforcement organisations. The framework also caters for approval/compliance of specialist areas of learning. The scheme is based upon a devolved model of responsibility for quality assurance underpinned by national requirements, guidance, support and advice.

Providers have access to the Police Service Quality Management System (PSQMS) to self-assess their learning and professional development activities, following a logical learning and professional development cycle. PSQMS can produce user-friendly management reports to inform business planning, risk management, decision making at local level.

Purpose of the Scheme

The overall purpose of the scheme is to support and promote quality and consistency throughout learning and professional development. The framework seeks to ensure that nationally agreed standards are applied and adhered to, supported by a cycle of improvement. A key element of the scheme is the use of the framework as a performance management tool; the scheme provides a structure for managers to ensure that learning and professional development is identified, designed, delivered and evaluated in an efficient and effective way, contributing to organisational and operational performance. 

Benefits of the Scheme

  • Reduction of bureaucracy and duplication
  • 6 core criteria that emulate the learning and professional development cycle
  • Can be used as a tool to assist with performance management and planning
  • Managers can review and assess performance across the whole of their learning and professional development function
  • 'Review groups' can be determined locally, i.e. central and devolved learning
  • Learning and development activity can be assessed at a force, function or product level
  • Information from the scheme can be utilised for multiple purposes, for example - risk management, review of return on investment and inspections such as HMIC
  • The scheme provides a local, regional and national infrastructure through which common challenges can be identified, collectively problem solved and effective innovations shared.

Next Steps 

The PSQA version 2 was implemented in November 2015. The scheme has now established and it is business as usual in forces carrying out national audits as stipulated by the College of Policing. The College, in the near future, will be carrying out an implementation review to focus on the changes needed to be made to PSQA to support and reflect the implementation of PEQF. Further details will be shared in due course.

Documents Available: The Police Service Quality Assurance Scheme Handbook is scheduled for review and the revised version will be available from this page as soon as it is ready.

In the meantime, forces can access a copy of the current version from the PSQA Community page on POLKA, or by contacting us at: PSQA.Enquiries@college.pnn.police.uk


For general enquiries about the scheme contact: PSQA.Enquiries@college.pnn.police.uk


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