Looking after your wellbeing

The wellbeing of you and all policing professionals is essential to the safe and effective operation of the police service.

Wellbeing can be thought of as a dynamic or evolving process which gives you a sense of how your life is going, although the relevance and importance may vary as circumstances change.  Some situations may require more attention to this aspect of your life than others.

Spending some time maintaining your wellbeing means it is more likely you will respond well in difficult circumstances, think of alternative ways to deal with a situation or engage more effectively at home, at work and in the wider community.

Emotional wellbeing

Our emotional health is closely tied to our physical health, yet many neglect to tend to their emotional health with the same devotion that they give to their physical wellbeing. Scientific studies continue to prove that while environment and life circumstances have a direct effect on our wellbeing we can still improve our emotional health and reach our potential by cultivating positive psychological attributes such as mindfulness, happiness and optimism.

So what can we do to stay emotionally healthy? As with achieving physical fitness or a healthy weight this is an on-going process and needs to become part of our daily lives. The good news is that small steps add up and can have a major impact on our emotional health.  You can find some tips within our membership site

Blog: How to recognise and manage the symptoms of stress

Read a blog written by Sergeant Donna Thomas about how to recognise and manage stress. The blog contains self-help techniques that are well known to help relieve the symptoms of stress, including: 

Sleep - Try and get as much rest as possible
Talk - Find someone supportive and express your worries and thoughts
Exercise - Proven to be beneficial for promoting mental and physical well-being

Read more about these techniques that can help relieve stress by visiting our membership site.

National Police Library

Access online resources and books and links from the Police Library Search catalogue. Visit the library to find information on wellbeing.

Not a member?

You can get more information about emotional wellbeing, read a serving officers' blog about stress and find further Self-help techniques within our membership site. If you're not already a member, join today for free. Visit our membership site for further information.


Services and organisations that offer direct help and support:

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