Assessment Centre FAQ

Why have you postponed the assessment centres?

Further to the Prime Minister's announcement on Monday, 23 March and additional measures introduced to keep our communities safe, we have recommended that all police assessment centre activity is postponed. This will be reviewed as government guidelines and advice evolves. Our priority is to keep the public safe and to ensure forces have the right number of officers.

However, we understand the importance of recruiting new officers into policing and how this will impact on the service's ability to meet the challenges of the uplift in recruitment, as well as the difficulties this will cause them in ensuring their future workforce needs are met. We have therefore worked at speed to develop and deliver an online solution which meets College standards; can be used in the interim to assess candidates and continue recruitment without the need for face-to-face contact.

When will this interim online assessment process be in place?

The initial exercise design for our interim online assessments solution was completed and tested with serving officers, using staff association networks. It will remain in place as the assessment process until the end of June 2021.

Working closely with the Police Uplift Programme, we have delivered a comprehensive implementation plan which means that all forces who wish to use the College-managed online assessment process now have access and support to do so.

When will I be able to attend my assessment?

We are working with forces to prioritise access to the online assessment over the coming weeks and months based on their recruitment needs. Please contact your force in the first instance for an update on their proposed timescales for recruitment processes and intakes

If I am half way through my assessment, do I have to start again or re-apply?

You should refer to your force who will be able to advise on your circumstances depending on where you are in the recruitment process, but we do not anticipate that anyone should need to start again or re-apply.

I have already attended an assessment centre, will I still get my results?

Yes, if you have already attended the Police SEARCH recruitment assessment centre you will receive your results as planned. You should refer to your force in the first instance if you have any queries about your results.

I've spent money on preparing for attending my assessment centre, will the College reimburse me for this?

We cannot reimburse any candidates for expenses they have incurred in preparing for the assessment centre.

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