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National Strategy

The National Strategy for the Special Constabulary 2011-16 is for implementation by Home Office police forces, to which the College of Policing provides support.

The previous National Strategy established a number of basic tenets highlighting the importance and value to the police service of having an effective Special Constabulary. There was much progress made within police forces over the course of its lifespan, and the current strategy seeks to build on this. It continues the concept of professionalising the development of the Special Constabulary, reflecting the good progress that forces have made.

The strategy is designed to be simple to follow, and neither overly onerous nor excessively bureaucratic to implement. Its shortened form consists of:

  • a Plan on a page, providing a basic description of an overall national vision and supporting principles
  • a heatmap version of the Plan on a Page, providing a rating for each area to help those responsible within forces and stakeholder groups prioritise where resources should be focused
  • a set of Key Performance Questions, for use by forces/regions/stakeholder groups as they see fit
  • Implementation advice and guidance for forces.

The strategy is ultimately owned by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), and the national policing lead for citizens in policing, DCC Michael Banks. It was developed with a range of key policing stakeholders.

Reassurance policing

There has been a huge reduction in crime over recent years, but public perception does not reflect this success.

The need to provide a publicly perceived "sense of security" is vital. Making a real difference is only possible if reassurance is recognised as an integral part of a force's day-to-day business alongside priority crimes.

Our guide to reassurance policing explains how you can use special constables to reassure your community, identify the priorities, and increase understanding, knowledge and tactics.

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For more information, please email: specialsteam@college.pnn.police.uk 

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