Professional Review

The College's Efficiency & Knowledge Support Unit facilitates and supports the professional review of police organisational functions, leading on to the development and implementation of improvements.

Our small central team supplements its capacity and knowledge base by drawing on short-term support from members of a peer network that we have built up across the UK in police forces (officers and staff) and in partner agencies - predominantly oriented around community safety.

In this way we cope with a range of assignments. Recent work has included reviews of crime reduction and detection, domestic abuse, anti-social behaviour and performance management functions in forces. In addition, we have an understanding and insight of how collaboration is developing nationally.

Members of the peer network enjoy an insight into the way that different forces approach their work, and can feed their practical learning into our knowledge base. And the client commissioning the work receives an independent view informed by expert practitioners from across UK policing, drawing on recognised good practice from both within the sector and beyond. 

Our approach is tailored according to need, ranging from full peer review with recommendations to one-to-one mentoring, and a range of approaches in between.

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