Building and sharing knowledge and tools

The College's Efficiency & Knowledge Support Unit builds and shares knowledge, learning and tools to help transform policing.

Build and share knowledge and tools

Police service colleagues are able to access much of our knowledge base through the Service Delivery and Business Transformation community on POLKA (the Police On-line Knowledge Area). This includes:

  • a regular Snapshot Survey of force improvement projects
  • Business Practice Reviews - more information on completed force projects and contact details
  • case studies
  • 'hot seat' discussions led by senior officers
  • toolkits for use by force leadership and specialist practitioners.

The knowledge base is developed from practical work - through peer input and from our network of force leads for Continuous Improvement - and from commissioned research and our government and academic partners.

Access to POLKA is restricted to the Police National Network (PNN) and Government Secure intranet (GSi) networks. For more information, see the POLKA page. If you are registered on POLKA, you can join the Service Delivery and Business Transformation community.

Leadership development and specialist training

We work to exchange knowledge through the College's regular learning portfolio and through specific events. These cover leadership styles, lean techniques and systems thinking, and other evidence-led approaches to change.

We also work with departments across government to support the delivery of the Cabinet Office strategy to develop a Continuous Improvement culture across the public sector and partner with the Institute of Continuous Improvement for the Public Sector (ICiPS).

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