Standards for Police Training

Supporting the development of those in police training roles, including approved policing partners.

Setting standards for police training roles

The College of Policing has produced a number of 'standards' for those involved in police training. These are intended to help police training departments define exactly what level of teaching knowledge and skill is appropriate for different types of training. They also provide minimum standards against which those in training roles can be appropriately assessed.

There are six Police Training Role standards, as follows:

  • The trainer standard is appropriate for those designing and delivering complex and extensive programmes requiring the fullest range of teaching skills such as Initial Police Learning and Development Programme or Initial Crime Investigators Development Programme. It is likely that training will be the main professional role.

  • The instructor standard is appropriate for those who deliver a more prescribed curriculum, often within an operational context, such as the Personal Safety and First Aid Learning Programmes. While the training activities delivered may be complex, they will be within a limited range. It is likely that training will be the main professional role.

  • The tutor standard is appropriate for those who provide learning, development and assessment on a 1:1 or very small group basis, and who capture, plan for and enable learning opportunities within the workplace. Such personnel may include Tutor Constables. The 'tutor' role is likely to be in addition to other workplace roles.

  • The presenter standard is appropriate for those who deliver training inputs or presentations but for whom this is not their main professional role. Presenters may plan and deliver individual sessions within substantial programmes (but without responsibility for the overall programme) or design and deliver short up-skill workshops or sessions relating to their own subject specialism.

  • The assessor standard is for those who assess the competence or performance of others within the police service to agreed standards, criteria and competencies.

  • The internal verifier standard is for those within the Police Service who manage internal assessment processes and the work of assessors. They quality assure assessment decisions and practices to agreed standards, criteria and competencies.

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