POLKA (the Police OnLine Knowledge Area) is a secure online collaboration tool for the policing community to network, ask questions, share insights, discuss ideas and suggest new ways of working.

Register or access POLKA.
(You must have a PNN (Police National Network or GSi (Government Secure intranet) internet connection to access POLKA).

What is POLKA?
POLKA is a RESTRICTED online collaboration tool that enables knowledge and information sharing across the police service.



Who is POLKA for?
POLKA is predominately for Police officers and staff in Police Forces (over 50,000 PNN users), however some Government organisations also have access (around 10,000 Gsi users).

What are the benefits of using POLKA?
As a member of POLKA, you can:

  • Seek advice and support from thousands of policing professionals across the country   
  • Share your knowledge and ideas, helping others to make better decisions, preventing duplication of effort across the country and of course, saving the police service time and money
  • Develop a network of people across policing

How to get started on POLKA

1. Register on POLKA website with a PNN or GSi email address.

2. Set up your profile Your profile is your professional identity on POLKA. By telling people who you are, you’re more likely to gain access to private communities and get a response to your posts. Access your profile by clicking 'My profile'.

3. Join communities Join communities on POLKA to get access to people, discussions, documents and information of interest. Click 'All Communities' to search all communities available on POLKA.

Popular communities on POLKA currently include:

  • IMPACT: PND Implementation
  • Intelligence Portfolio
  • Knowledge Bank
  • Penalty Notice Processing (PentiP)
  • Police Gazette
  • Authorised Professional Practice (APP)
  • Criminal Intelligence Analysis
  • Uniform Operational Support - Firearms
  • Uniform Operational Support - Public Order
  • Body Worn Video (BWV)

4. Get Involved Communities are run by police officers and staff in Forces and they only work if everyone contributes. You make communities valuable by asking questions, sharing insights and helping others, which creates a national resource for all to learn from now and in the future.

Ways to get involved:

  • Start a discussion – would you like to consult other forces about an issue or get some feedback?  
  • Reply to a discussion – can you help other members by sharing what you know?
  • Upload a document – what do you have that others may benefit from or could reuse?

If you need more information or support…

Contact contactcentre@college.pnn.police.uk or 0300 123 1181 for all other enquiries.

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