What we do

Read about our activities and how we will deliver our objectives.

​​​​​The College of P​olicing is the means by which everyone working in policing can have a stronger say in charting the future of the policing profession, driven by evidence-based practice.

W​​​e are working to raise the professional status of police officers and police staff, allowing them to gain greater recognition and reward for accredited levels of expertise - and to contribute to the development of policy in their areas of specialism.

We will play​​ a vital role in the training and development of police officers and staff in the future, ensuring that they continue to retain the skills they need in order to fight crime and protect the public.

Our purpose is to:​​​

  • set ​standards of professional ​​practice​​
  • identify, deve​​lop and promote good practice based on evidence
  • support the pr​​ofessional development of those working in policing
  • support police fo​rces and other organisations to work together to protect the public and prevent crime
  • identify, develop​​ and promote ethics, values and standards of integrity.

To achieve this pu​​rpose, we are​ strengthening the links between the police service and other organisations. We are working with universities to share and develop the underlying evidence base for policing practice, and with other organisations (including the private sector) to ensure that, where appropriate, the police service can access the very best training from outside policing. And we work closely with international partners to ensure that the police service can share and access the very best thinking from across the world.

We do not:​​​​

  • duplicate the roles of other bodies such as the staff associations, HM Inspectorate of Constabulary or the Independent Police Complaints Commission
  • investigate complaints or allegations of misconduct against police officers and staff - this remains within the remit of the relevant police force
  • create a raft of bureaucratic guidance for the police service​

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