Delivering the National Policing Curriculum

The National Policing Curriculum is supported by a wide range of learner and trainer resources, based upon the standards defined in the curriculum, which are intended to facilitate delivery of learning programmes and learning interventions.  This comprehensive range of learning materials is available for download by forces from the Managed Learning Environment (MLE) and delivered by them under licence.

Delivery options include:

  • delivery by forces of locally developed learning
  • delivery by forces of national learning programmes developed by the College of Policing
  • delivery of national learning programmes by the College of Policing

The College of Policing delivers many courses through e-learning via the Managed Learning Environment (MLE), which is also used to update policing on new legislation and policy.

We deliver some learning courses ourselves, particularly in high-cost, low-volume areas, including Forensics and Senior Leadership. We deliver the national accredited courses for Strategic Firearms Commanders, Gold Public Order Commanders and Major Incident commanders (MAGIC).

We also:

  • ensure that courses delivered by forces and external providers meet the required standards. 
  • act as stewards, on behalf of the police service, for the Police Service Quality Assurance Scheme - a system to assure the quality of training, learning and development designed and/or implemented by police forces. Each force self-assesses its training provision, and we subject this self-assessment to peer review which allows forces to share best practice.
  • develop, offer and support internal accreditation, re-accreditation and development of qualifications in all policing areas, working in conjunction with education stakeholders and providers were required.

Our International Academy supports the development of professional and accountable policing throughout the world by delivering learning and training assistance in the fields of operational policing and police leadership.

Delivery methods include:

  • E-learning
  • Immersive Learning


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