PTRLDP - Core Skills and Values


This core module is the foundation for all those embarking upon police training delivery roles as defined by the Police Sector Standards for the Training of those in Training Roles (Trainers, Instructors, Tutors and Presenters).
The principal subject-areas covered in this module are as follows:

  • How adults learn
  • Values, inclusivity and diversity within training
  • Presentation skills
  • Use of assessment to support the learning of individuals
  • Reflection and professional development.​

Who should attend

​Those who are about to undertake, or have just embarked upon a police training role as defined in the Police Sector Standards for the Training of: Trainers, Instructors, Tutors and Presenters and who have not received any trainer training or workplace development previously.


​To introduce students to the foundation elements of all training delivery, within the context of a values-based approach to learning.


​Learners who have successfully completed this module will be able to:

Learning Outcome
1. Demonstrate a thorough knowledge and understanding of the teaching role, responsibilities and boundaries in relation to Police training.
2. Analyse and utilise methods that create an effective learning environment.
3. Analyse the effectiveness of teaching approaches and resources meeting the needs of individuals and for embedding learning, including functional skills.
4. Explain the principles and considerations involved in developing a learning session to meet session objectives and the identified needs of learners and demonstrate an understanding of how to compose a session plan.
5. Design, develop and adapt learning materials and resources to meet session objectives and the needs of learners.

Learning Outcome
6. Identify the impact of values and preferences upon learners and learning.
7. Identify and critically review the principles, processes and styles of adult learning and how application of these may support individual learners through the whole learning and development cycle.
8. Demonstrate an understanding of relevant legislation and policy associated with the promotion of equality and valuing of diversity; apply practices that do not discriminate, are inclusive and are based on meeting learners' needs.

Specific Legislation
Learning Outcome
9. Consider and apply legislative frameworks associated with maintenance and disclosure of information, including learner records.

Learning Outcome
10. Evaluate own performance through a process of reflection in order to further develop standards of training.
11. Explain the key concepts and principles of assessment; review and utilise a range of assessment methods.

Learning Outcome
12. Objectively reflect upon and evaluate the performance of others to support the development of their skills and competency.
13. Identify and apply advances in knowledge and practice in order to enhance professional standards of training.

Entry requirements

​A pre-requisite of attendance on all PTRLDP modules is that the learner has a sound understanding of the issues of equality, diversity and human rights within a police training context. We emphasise the importance of this as a foundation for the whole PTRLDP programme. An introduction to the necessary learning is covered by the NCALT Introduction to Diversity e-learning package, which can be completed or reviewed, as appropriate. Students will also need to complete the Core Skills and Values Pre-Learning Workbook prior to attending the module, which involves a notional 6 -12 hours study.

Course Dates and Venues

Course duration

11 days in total.

Methods of delivery

Days 1 to 5: Classroom-based sessions.
Days 6 to 10: Work-based study supported back in force, supported by a work-based mentor. Please note that work-based study week is an integral part of the module and comprises a full and busy 37 hours of study and assignment writing. Learners will therefore not be available for abstractions, leave or other duties during this period.
Day 11: A classroom-based consolidation of work-based study, including the delivery and assessment of individual training sessions.

Assessment processes / accreditation details

​Students are able to undertake the Level 3 Award in Education and Training as an integral part of the Core Skills and Values Module. This requires a commitment to studying and completing assignments in the students' own time.


​Potentially, Level 3 Award (see above).

Additional information

This module will be run centrally by the College of Policing subject to demand. Please note however, that the College of Policing is also committed to facilitating local delivery of PTRLDP modules and encouraging regional training partnerships.

For any further information please contact Programme Management:
Tel: 01423 876741



01423 876741


Cost to HO forces


Please contact Programme Management for details of the current cost of undertaking this module at a College of Policing site.


Please contact Programme Management for details of the current cost of undertaking this module at a College of Policing site.

Cost to non-HO forces


Please contact Programme Management for details of the current cost of undertaking this module at a College of Policing site.


Please contact Programme Management for details of the current cost of undertaking this module at a College of Policing site.

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