Personal Safety Training

​The College of Policing, on behalf of the Policing Lead for Personal Safety, sets standards for the learning, delivery and assessment of personal safety training based on the 2009 ACPO Guidance on Personal Safety Training.

A suite of standards and learning resources are available designed to safeguard the safety of police personnel and members of the public, to deal with and avoid where possible conflict situations and to, where necessary, restrain people in the most effective and safest way possible: 

  • Personal Safety Programme; Practitioners and Trainers (National Policing Curriculum).
  • Programme Handbook.
  • Assessment Strategy; based on relevant National Occupational Standards (GC10 Manage Conflict).
  • Professional Development Framework for Trainers and Training Coordinators.
  • Personal Safety eManual; where all tactics/techniques are medically, legally and diversity validated.

Access a redacted version of the Personal Safety eManual.  

The modular training enables police services to deliver training based on role requirements with a mandatory requirement for annual refresher training. The training provision varies from force to force dependant on the nature of the tactics taught and equipment issued.

For further information contact:

Policing Standards Manager Specialist Operations – Brian Davies

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